Purus Clean Mats - Frame and Refill

Mat Features

  • Non-skid frame backing

  • Easy to relocate

  • Replacing refill mat on reusable frame is quick and easy

Mat Specifications

ConstructionPolystyrene Frame
BackingSelf Adhering
Weight (lbs/sq ft)10.00
ApplicationClean Room Mats

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The Purus Clean Mat protects workplace, office and home floors from dirt abrasion and contamination.

Purus Clean Mats Frame

  • Purus Mat Frames are designed to be used with the Purus Clean Mat to create a system that is easy to use in any critical area. 
  • This system is ideal for any area that does not allow direct adhesion to the flooring surface. 
  • Purus Clean Mat Frames are constructed of a hard, rigid, polystyrene base material combined with a non-skid backing that holds the mats in place on almost any surface.
  • The frame mat can be easily relocated to high traffic areas and removed during routine floor maintenance procedures.
  • Purus Frame is available with grey or white mats on a white frame. 

Purus Clean Mat Refill

  • Purus Clean Mat is a superior non slip mat equipped with multiple layers and fully coated with a particle grabbing adhesive
  • We provide refills for the Purus Clean Mat System.
  • Replacing the refill mat on the reusable frame is quick and easy

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