Premium Coco Mats

Mat Features

Plain Premium Coco Mats are made from high quality coconut fibers and can be used for both commercial and residential applications as they can easily absorb water and scrape off dirt, debris and mud from shoes.

Mat Specifications


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Premium Coco Mats are made from the highest quality of coconut coir fibers that are found in the outer husks of coconut and hence are completely natural and environmentally friendly.

  • Densely woven coir fibers on the premium coco mats can effectively trap dirt, debris and mud and absorb water keeping the area clean
  • They can be used for both residential and commercial uses.
  • They can be placed outdoors but should not be exposed to direct rainfall.
  • They are ideal where exposure to sun is high as this will not harm its natural allure.
  • These coir mats are very easy to clean and maintain as they can be vacuumed regularly after shaking off huge clumps of soil from the mats.

Coco Mat SizePrice
18" x 30"45.99
22" x 36"53.99
18" x 47"65.99
24" x 57"84.99
30" x 48"90.99
38" x 60"123.99
36" x 72"142.99



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