Personalized Plain Doormat

Mat Features

  • 100% eco-friendly and sustainable

  • Premium, luxurious and densely woven

  • Stops dirt and debris at the doorstep

  • Durable and easy to maintain

Mat Specifications

MaterialCoconut Husk Fibre
Sizes Available18" x 30", 22" x 36", 38"x 60"
Total Height1.5"
Total Weight8 lbs (18" x 30"), 12 lbs (22" x 36"), 30 lbs (38" x 60")

Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks


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***Please Note: The 1.5" thick coco mats in the 30" x 48" mats are currently out of stock. All orders will be fulfilled on 1" thick coco mats of the same size.***

*** Please note: Size 36" x 72" is on backorder until early March, 2018 ***

We believe your home should be welcoming and warm. The perfect way would be to get yourself a personalized doormat. These doormats are also a great way to make a good first and lasting impression. Welcome all your friends and family with an all natural coco doormat that can be personalized with your name.

Features and Benefits

  • The Plain Personalized doormat is made with thick coir fibres densely woven into a premium, luxurious and classic 1.5” thick rectangle
  • 100% natural and made sustainably from coconut husk fibres
  • The unique texture of coir makes the doormat efficient at dirt scraping. It efficiently removes dirt and debris from under footwear and prevent it from tracking inside
  • The personalization is stencil printed on the mat using biodegradable spray dye making it eco-friendly and fade resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain with a good shake down or by a run down with a vacuum
  • Long lasting, easy to maintain, stain, rot and mildew resistant making for a very hygienic product.
  • The Personalized Plain doormat comes in sizes: 18" x 30", 22" x 36", 30” x 48”, 38" x 60" and 30” x 72”
  • Default font type is Georgia. You can personalize the mat on 1 line or 2 lines if you choose.
  • Each line can hold up to 10 characters on 18" x 30" and 13 characters on 22" x 36" and 16 characters on 30” x 48”, 38" x 60" and 30” x 72”
  • Lead time is 1 to 2 weeks

For more information please call us at 1-866-940-1177 or email us at [email protected]