Parquet Wiper Outdoor Entrance Mats

Mat Features

  • Attractive and functional parquet surface design for exceptional cleaning action

  • Large water pan area to hold twice the water and dirt compared to conventional scraper mats

  • Flexible blades scrape shoes while providing anti-fatigue support

Mat Specifications

EdgingBeveled edging
Weight (lbs/sq ft)10.00
Sizes AvailableStandard

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks


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It is absolutely ok if your guests forget to wipe their feet - the Parquet Wiper Scraper Floor Mats will do it for them! The Parquet Wiper Scraper Floor Mat is a heavy-duty matting solution for outdoor entryways. These durable rubber mats comes with an attractive and functional molded parquet pattern. The squares are rotated 90 degrees and have flexible blades to scrape debris off shoes coming from any direction. This scraper mat holds twice as much dirt and water as a normal scraper mat, ensuring interior floors are protected from the elements

Features and Benefits

  • Systematic parquet square pattern, each rotated 90 degrees is designed to remove dirt, grime and water from multi-directional traffic
  • Has a large water pan area to hold twice the water and dirt compared to other scraper mats
  • Designed with flexible blades to scrape shoes, while adding anti-fatigue properties for people using the mat
  • Beveled edges allow for increased safety and easy transition from floor to mat
  • Textured anti-slip backing keeps the mat in place and prevents sliding around
  • Certified by NFSI to offer superior traction.
  • Easy to clean - turn the mat over and shake out or hose off and dry
  • The Parquet Wiper Mat is eco-friendly as the material used in construction is recyclable
  • Available in color - Black
  • Comes backed with a two year warranty

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