Brush Tip Outdoor Scraper Mats

Mat Features

  • Protect your floors from moisture, dust and grit by scraping shoes clean on rubber bristles

  • 100% high quality rubber gives maximum durability and is longer lasting

  • Eco- friendly as the rubber material is recyclable.

  • Certified by NFSI and offers superior traction

Mat Specifications

EdgingBeveled edging
Weight (lbs/sq ft)20.00
Sizes AvailableStandard

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks


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Perfect for single entrances, the Brush Tip Outdoor Entrance mat will protect your flooring from moisture, dust and grime by effectively scraping footwear clean with its rubber bristles. Walking over these mats removes moisture and heavy debris by trapping all of it in a deep reservoir, and keeps your floors spotlessly clean. Brush Tip Entrance mat is the perfect solution to reducing hefty cleaning bills and to increase safety against trips and falls on debris.

Features and Benefits

  • Brush Tip Scraper Entrance Mats features unique rubber bristles which are very effective in removing debris and mud from shoes.
  • Keeps your floors clean and protected against damage as it traps all the dirt, debris and moisture in a deep reservoir.
  • 100% high quality rubber construction gives you durable and longer lasting entrance
  • Slip-resistant backing helps keep mat in position and prevents it from sliding around
  • Comes with beveled edges for additional safety and prevention of slips and falls
  • Brush Tip Entrance Mats are environment friendly as the rubber material is recyclable.
  • Certified by NFSI to offer you superior traction.
  • Easy to clean - turn over, shake out or hose
  • Available in a color - Black

Applications: The Brush Tip Mats is not just limited to outdoor entrance, these can be placed at Production areas, Break Rooms, Kitchens, at Vending Machines, Water Fountains and Ice Machines

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