Heattrak Heated Stairway Mats - Industrial

Mat Features

  • Made from customized thermoplastic

  • Melt snow as it falls, decrease any need for shovelling or salting

  • Ideal for high traffic areas

  • Available in various sizes

Mat Specifications

MaterialCustomized Thermoplastic
ConstructionCustomized thermoplastic on the top and bottom.
Face StyleChevron Pattern
BackingCustomized Thermoplastic
Weight (lbs/sq ft)6.00
ApplicationSnow Melting
Sizes Available11" x 36", 11" x 48", 11" x 60", 11" x 72", 11' x 84", 11" x 96".
Total Height1/2"

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The industrial heated stair mats are perfect for any location with a high foot traffic and large surface covering requirements these mats melt away snow as it is falling to prevent accumulation and formation of slippery ice, along with significantly reducing any need for any shovelling. The mats feature a chevron pattern on the surface of the customized thermoplastic material to provide added traction, and grommet holes to prevent movement. Moreover, the mats are portable and do not necessitate any expensive inhalation. These factors make the snow melting industrial stairway mats an ideal option for any facility. The heated stairway mats will also keep your facility clean by eliminating the need for deploying salt during winters, which gets dragged inside with everyone entering the building.

Features and Benefits

  • Made from customized thermoplastic
  • Stair mats come in multiple sizes to best suite your needs
  • Multiple mats can be linked together to operate from a single GFCI control unit and power outlet.
  • A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) control unit is required in order for these mats to work. Each GFCI can handle an amperage load of 13 Amps.
  • The watertight connector cables used to connect the mats together are 22" long.

Product Specifications:

Total Thickness: 1/2"

Grommet Size (inner diameter): 3/8"

Cord Length between Stairs: 22"