Outdoor Heated Mats

During winter, you probably spend a lot of time breaking up ice and shoveling snow. With the bitterly cold winds that accompany these harsh weather conditions, we understand it’s a chore you want to put off. But without clearing up that snow from your side-walks, doorways and stairs, snow and ice makes them very slippery leading to slips and falls every year. And we are quite sure, you probably thought you couldn’t do much about shoveling the driveway, walkways, or stairs in front of your home and offices. 

Here is where we say – It is not true! Online Mat Store would like to introduce you to the Outdoor Heated Mats. With a wide variety of heated mats outdoor residential and commercial uses, our heated mats include heated stair mats, heated walkway mats and heated doormats. Designed for outdoor use, all these heated mats can be left outside and will melt snow at the rate of 2 inches of snow per hour. So let our snow melting mats keep you safe during winter while you kick-back relax and enjoy your coffee.