Heated Mats

Online Mat Store know what harsh winter brings with it; dangerous snow and ice build-up on stairs and walkways outside your home and businesses; feeling cold all the time with your hands, feet and body just refusing to warm up; the endless shovelling to keep pathways clear and safe.

What we need this winter is to keep ourselves warm and cozy at home and to find ways to avoid all that shovelling! This is where the heated mats come into play. Heated mats offer the perfect snow removal method for businesses and home owners. Now you can afford to sleep comfortably during those long, cold winter nights, without worry of impending snow storms.

Just in case you haven't heard about this amazing product check out our range of heated mats. Online Mat Store has indoor heated mats as well as outdoor heated mats for both residential and industrial purposes. Have a non-shoveling and safe winter with these wonderful and inventive floor mats