Heated Ergonomic Footrest

Mat Features

  • Energy-efficient; uses just 90 watts

  • Reduced fire hazard & safe to the touch

  • Come in 3 adjustable positions

Mat Specifications

MaterialDurable ABS plastic
Weight (lbs/sq ft)5.00
ApplicationIndoor Heated Mat
Sizes Available12" x 18"
Total HeightMax 5"
Total Weight5 lbs
Electrical ResistivityResistant
Surace FlammibiltyFlame Retardant

Lead Time: 3-5 Days


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The Heated Ergonomic Footrest is a unique combination of a space heater & an ergonomic footrest rolled into one space-saving design. With this heated footrest - you get to save money as this footrest uses only 90 watts which is 95% less energy compared to a space heater; and you get to keep your personal space warm as this footrest is angle adjustable and uses radiant heat to gently warm cold feet.

Heated Ergonomic Footrest is perfect for any situation where you are seated or standing in one place. Rest your feet comfortably on the heated footrest as you watch television or read, or while you work at a desk in the home or office. If you are standing or stationary, set the Ergonomic footrest to its upright position and use as a heated panel. This device is sure to make standard space heaters obsolete

Features and Benefits

  • Heated Ergonomic Footrest is energy-efficient; it uses only 90 watts (95% less than a standard 1500 watt space heater)
  • Helps improve circulation & blood flow, helps those with health problems
  • Comes with a safety switch which prevents overheating, reduces fire hazards & is safe to the touch and has no carbon monoxide risk.
  • ETL Listed to meet strict safety standards
  • Heated Ergonomic Footrest comes in 3 adjustable positions to provide maximum comfort and relief - may be used as an ergonomic foot stool, upright flat panel heater, or heated mat.
  • Designed to put gentle, radiant heat to warm legs and feet at home or in the workplace for improved comfort and productivity
  • Heated Ergonomic Footrest saves money on electric bills
  • Toasty Toes heated footrests are especially ideal for applications where multiple users require a personal heater – give individuals control over the temperature of their personal space, without overloading electrical circuits.
  • Comes in two heat settings and with an LED indicator displays ON/OFF
  • Easy to set up and use anywhere
  • Comes in an elegant black color which will suit any decor. 
  • Optional: Cozy Fleece Pouch
    The optional Cozy Fleece Pouch is designed to keep in warmth and is fully washable. It attaches easily to the Cozy Products Ergonomic Heated Footrest with elastic straps.