Granite Anti-Fatigue Wellness Mats

Mat Features

  • With the Granite Wellness Mat, you get a strong yet soft look that will add a beautiful accent to any kitchen, garage, workshop and more

  • Designed to improve health, circulation, posture and reduce stress and fatigue.

  • Comes backed with a 7-Year Residential Warranty and termed "Best in Class”

Mat Specifications

Edging20-degree ADA-compliant beveled edge
Weight (lbs/sq ft)9.70
Sizes Available3' x 2' , 6' x 2'
Total Height3/4"

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks


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A product that is known to have a shelf life of more than 7 years, the Granite Anti-fatigue mats will give you the best of two worlds. It’s anti-fatigue qualities give you cushioned comfort, keeps your happy and stress free when standing for long periods of time, improves overall health and well-being; while its chic colors and styling gives you a style statement that will accent any home decor and will have everyone talking!

It is time you said goodbye to all that aches and pains that have been plaguing you for a long time. Those aches and pains are indicative of long hours of standing without proper cushioning and support. What you need is an anti-fatigue mat that is ergonomically constructed and has been medically proven – the Granite Anti-Fatigue Wellness Mat supports and promotes proper blood circulation. The unique anti-fatigue property helps improve posture, muscle conditioning, reduces stress and fatigue and is essential towards better health and well being.

Features and Benefits

  • The Granite Anti-Fatigue Wellness Mats is a unique ‘one-piece-construction’ and will therefore not delaminate, bubble up, tear or split up - a common result of the breakdown of bonding agents and glue used to join two pieces
  • Constructed out of 100% polyurethane, the Granite Anti-fatigue Wellness Mats will not lose bounce, form or resiliency, will not laminate or curl up as often seen with some gel and foam mats.
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly, the Granite Anti-fatigue Wellness mats can at end of its life be up-cycled into other useful products.
  • Comes with a non-skid backing, slip-resistant top surface and a 20 degree ADA-compliant beveled edges
  • A non-toxic product, this ant-fatigue mat does not give out noxious fumes as it is free from PVC, BPA, and other harmful chemicals.
  • Does not damage or stain hardwood or marble floors.
  • The Granite Anti-fatigue Wellness Mats are resistant to – Punctures, dirt, stains and heat resistant up to 400F. The mats are therefore exceptionally durable and easy to clean with common household cleaners.
  • Application: Ideal for use anywhere you stand - kitchen, vanity, laundry, garage, shop - even outside at the barbecue.
  • Colors Available: Steel & Copper
  • Sizes: 3’ x 2’, 6’ x 2’; Thickness: ¾”
  • Comes with a 7-year residential Warranty and termed "Best in Class"
Granite Anti-Fatigue Wellness Mat Colors