Garage Floor Quick Stick Adhesive

Mat Features

  • Roll-out garage floor mats adhere permanently to the floor

  • Giving the floor a seamless look

Mat Specifications

Weight (lbs/sq ft)20.00
ApplicationGarage Flooring Accessories
Sizes Available27" x 150"
SKU: GF6QS27150

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks




Quick Stick Adhesive is a pressure-sensitive adhesive. It provides permanent adhesion of roll-out garage flooring to the substrate below. This product is used by professional flooring contractors but can be easily used by the handy homeowner.

Features and Benefits

  • This product is required for all installations using the top coat stain blocker
  • Quick Stick adhesive provides permanent adhesion to the concrete substrate below.
  • The adhesive ensures a seamless and permanently adhered garage roll-out floor.
  • It will cover an area of 337 sq ft
  • Unlike liquid adhesives, you do not need to be concerned with how thick it is applied or letting it dry to just the right point before installing the product.
  • Size is 27" x 150"