Garage Floor Edge Trim or Center Seam Strip

Mat Features

  • Helps provide smooth mat-to-floor transition at the edges

  • Joins two garage mats firmly at the seams

Mat Specifications

Materialhigh quality PVC
Weight (lbs/sq ft)6.00
ApplicationGarage Flooring Accessories

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks


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When installing roll-out garage floor mats, Garage Floor Edge Trims and G-Floor Center Seam Strips are indispensible. Garage Floor Edge Trims provide a smooth mat-to-floor transition and give the mat a clean professional finish around the edges. When used at the seams, G-Floor Center Seam Strips join two garage mats firmly, allowing space for expansion and contraction.  

Features and Benefits

  • Garage Floor Edge Trim is used to transition from the mat to the floor and offers a good finishing touch to your garage floor mats. 
  • Garage Floor Center Seam Strip is used to join two garage mats, allowing room for expansion and contraction. 
  • Floor Edge Trims and G-Floor Center Seam Strips are made of high quality PVC material that is the same material as of garage floor mats. 
  • They are available in black and grey color. 
  • No adhesives required. 
  • Edge Pieces are about 3 1/2" wide and add about 1 3/8" per side to size of your mat. 
  • Both edge and center seam strip are available in 25" length.