G-Floor Garage Door Threshold Trim

Mat Features

  • Slanted trim edge keeps water from entering your garage

  • Protects the garage floor from outside elements

  • Included adhesive makes installation quick and easy.

Mat Specifications

Weight (lbs/sq ft)8.00
Sizes Available10', 16', and 20'
Total Weight8 lbs

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks


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Now that you have put down your Roll Out Garage Floor Tiles, take it to the next level by adding the finishing touches. Use the G-Floor Garage Door Threshold Trim to complete the look of your garage.

The G-Floor Threshold Trim is ideal to protect your garage floor from all the outside elements. The slanted edge of the G-Floor trim keeps water from entering your garage or other workspace, while the adhesive that is included along with the trim makes the installation of trim quick and easy. The G-Floor Garage Threshold trim is made of the same durable, 100% vinyl as other G-Floor products and will therefore be the perfect complement to your garage floor tiles.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% nylon trim made from the same material of Roll Out Garage Flooring has been designed for use with other G-Floor products
  • Sizes available: 10', 16', and 20' and is available only in black.
  • Weatherproof polyurethane construction adhesive is included with trim.
  • NOTE: For best results, follow directions for use given on the label provided by the manufacturer.