Garage Containment Mats

Mat Features

  • 100% waterproof and UV treated

  • Highly resistant to anti-freeze, oil, mud, grease and debris

  • Can withstand temperatures from -40C to 40C

Mat Specifications

ConstructionVinyl Coated
Weight (lbs/sq ft)30.00
Sizes Available7'6 x 18' & 7'6 x 21'
Total Weight30 lbs

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks


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We have all experienced the damage winter time can wreck on our garage floors. All that messy snow, slush and salt gets that drops off from your vehicle and really does a number on the garage floor. That is why we recommend you use the Garage Containment Mats to protect your garage from all that mess that can damage the concrete or wooden framed structures. The Garage containment mats do not just protect the floor but all your valuable items in the garage will also stay sage. Protect your boxes, tools and other equipment that garage generally contains.

Features and Benefits

  • Garage Containment Mats are 100% water proof and UV treated. They are resistant to anti-freeze, oil, mud, grease and other debris that potentially drops off from vehicles.
  • Made from a 32 oz. per square yard anti-skid vinyl coated nylon
  • Garage Containment Mats come with 1" raised edge made of an ethafoam barrier. This barrier is heat sealed all the way around the mat.
  • Sizes are available to go under both cars and trucks
  • The Car Containment Mats can hold up to 62 gallons of liquid and the Truck Containment Mats can hold up to 70 gallons of liquid.
  • Auto Floor Mats can withstand temperature from -40C to 40C.
  • Garage Containment Mats will prevent mold and mildew by restricting moisture from penetrating into the garage walls in the garage.
  • These Garage Containment Mats come with a 1 year warranty.
  • Available in the color Beige.
  • Sizes: Garage Mats for Car / Van: 7'6 x 18'; Garage Mats for Trucks: 7'6 x 21'

NOTE: Please do not use studded tires on these garage mats.

Installation Instructions:

  • Clean the floor off any dirt or debris before installation of garage mats
  • Use a knife or scissor to open package. Take care not to damage the mat.
  • From the centre of the garage roll out till the end of the garage.
  • Allow time for the mat to take its shape on the floor,
  • Simply park your vehicle on the garage mat.
  • Note: Due to packaging, it will take time for any wrinkles to disappear.

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Easily clean your garage containment mats with a wet or dry vacuum, broom, garden hose or a squeegee.
  • Alternatively you can completely overturn the mat and empty contents outside.
  • After cleaning, the garage mats can be used for parking again.