Park Smart Garage Parking Containment Mats

Mat Features

  • Catches every drop of slush, mud and grime that falls off your vehicle

  • Designed to withstand daily parking wear and tear

  • Has a quick and stress-free set-up

Mat Specifications

Edging1" Raised Outer Lip
Weight (lbs/sq ft)7.00
Sizes Available7' x 14' , 7' x 16', 7' x 18', 7' x 20', 7' x 22', 9' x 20' and 9' x 22'
Total Height0.75"

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks


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How about.. for a pleasant change you do not have to worry about having a spotless garage floor? Yes, get yourself the Park Smart Clean Park Garage Mats and find yourself a clean and mess free garage! These floor mats are perfect because it catches every single drop of slush, mud and grime that falls off your vehicle. By containing the dirt and debris, these containment mats ensure that your home interior stays clean! Yes, since you do not track muck from your vehicle to the garage floor - you will not track the muck from your garage inside your home! Absolute win-win situation. If these reason are not enough – then how about as they contain dirt and keeps a clean garage floor - these mats also safe-guard the garage floors from the harmful effects of slush and grime.

Features and Benefits

  • Made with heavy-duty, 20-mil vinyl, the Park Smart garage mat has been designed to be durable and can withstand daily parking wear and tear
  • The Park Smart containment mat features a 1” raised outer lip which contains all liquid spills and oil leaks and prevents it from spreading onto the garage floor
  • Features an easy-to-install specially engineered Snap-on edges, the Park Smart Garage Floor Mats are made durable and is very easy, quick and stress free to install without using tools.
  • The Park Smart Clean Park Garage Floor mats are intended for use indoors and are therefore not UV treated.
  • Waterproof and spill proof, the Park Smart mats are resistant to anti-freeze, oil and grease. But please note – these mats are however, not resistant to solvents, chemicals and cleaning detergents.
  • Withstands harsh temperatures and work well even below 0 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Easy clean-up with a wet/dry vacuum, hose or squeegee
  • Available in a variety of sizes for large and small vehicles
  • Sizes: 7' x 14', 7' x 16', 7' x 18', 7' x 20', 7' x 22', 9' x 20' and 9' x 22'. All mats are 0.75" in thickness
  • The Park Smart garage floor mats are available in Grey color only.
  • All Parking Garage Mats come backed with a 1 year warranty.

Installation Instructions

  • Attach long V-Shaped pieces to left and right sides. Start at the edge closest to the street. See figure 1.
  • On the end farthest away from the street, cut down vinyl sheet so it protrudes 1½” inches beyond the last long V-Shaped side piece. See figure 2.
  • On the side farthest away from the street, attach the short V-Shaped pieces. See figure 3.
  • Next, lay the flat parts with the mushroom shaped profile on the floor, under the edge of the vinyl sheeting, closest to the street. See figure 4.
  • Each kit has two ramp sections with a rounded corner. These ramp sections snap on top of vinyl sheet, with the rounded corner next to the long V-Shaped side pieces. See figures 5 & 6. First, snap down the ramp sections with the rounded corners, on the left and right sides of the Garage Mat. The ramp sections snap over the over vinyl sheeting, onto the flat parts with the mushroom shaped profile. See figure 7. Next, start at the left side, and snap down the remaining top ramp sections.

For more information please see the video below


Cleaning Instructions

  • Remove one or more of the end pieces closest to the garage door. Be careful to not puncture or cut vinyl sheeting as you pull off the top piece.
  • Sweep the Clean Park with a soft bristle broom.
  • Hose off the Clean Park. Use the soft bristle broom to push water towards the open area and off the Clean Park
  • Use a mild dish soap to clean the Clean Park®. Do Not Use Solvents, Harsh Chemicals, Abrasive Cleaners or Bleach.


  • Discoloration of vinyl sheeting may occur over time but this will not affect the integrity of the material. Tire imprints on the vinyl sheet due to the weight of your vehicle may occur but will not affect your Clean Park