Dura Flex 800: Rubber Van Ramp Mats

Mat Features

  • Made out of 100% rubber.

  • Provides secure footing and a smooth transition from trailer to ground.

  • Ensures traction to prevent slip and fall injuries.

Mat Specifications

ApplicationAnimal Van Ramps
Sizes Available4’ x 7’
SKU: CM800-47

Availability: In stock




While loading and unloading large animals such as horses into their vans over metal ramps, there is a danger of them and/or their handlers of falling due to many number of things, especially due to the slippery and thus potentially dangerous nature of the ramps.

Traction in such cases is very crucial in order to prevent slip and fall injuries. The Dura Flex 800 Rubber Van Ramp Mats provide secure footing for you and for your animals, enabling a smooth transition from the trailer to the ground.

Features and Benefits

  • Dura Flex Trailer ramp mats are made out of 100% rubber.
  • Ramp Mats are available in a standard 4’ x 7’ size.
  • Customers can quite easily cut down these rubber mats to fit the size of their trailer.
  • At the thickest, ridges on these mats are 16mm high
  • These trailer mats come in a natural black rubber color