Diamond Shield Anti-fatigue Mats

Mat Features

  • Durable PVC textured surface for extended wear and greater traction

  • Withstands damaging industrial conditions

  • Self-extinguishing top surface resistant to many industrial chemicals

  • Supplied with ramped edging

Mat Specifications

MaterialPVC Vinyl
Face StyleDiamond Pattern/Checker Plate
Sizes Available2' x 3', 3' x 5' , 3'x 60' Roll, 4' x 60' Roll
Total Height1/2"

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Standing on hard surfaces for long periods lead to several problems - foot fatigue, reduced blood flow, hurting muscles and joints, lower back pain and other serious foot conditions. Not to mention, fatigue and pain can lead to serious accidents at the work place. Adding to this is the fact that work place environments can vary from dry areas to wet or extremely oily areas. Plus specialized industries may need additional properties such as fire retardant, harsh chemical resistance or static dissipative matting.

Combining the need for anti-fatigue benefits with suitability for harsh industrial and commercial applications, we give you the Diamond Shield Anti-Fatigue Mats. Ideal for industrial and commercial applications, the durable Diamond Shield Anti-Fatigue mats give you a long lasting solution for providing comfort from cold and hard concrete floors; as well as sustain the harshness of the industrial environment. Improve worker productivity and boost morale by providing them a comfortable, cushioned and safe work environment.

Features and Benefits

  • With a durable PVC textured top surface, the Diamond Shield anti-fatigue mats were designed for extended wear and provides greater traction.
  • Has a comfortable and cushioned backing meant to provide relief from fatigue and health issues from standing long hours
  • Diamond Shield anti-fatigue mats withstands damaging industrial conditions and its self-extinguishing top surface is resistant to many harsh industrial chemicals
  • Diamond Shield comes with a Ramped Edging
  • Sizes Available: Standard 2' x 3', 3' x 5' and in rolls of 3'x 60' and 4' x 60'
  • Colors Available: Black, Black/Yellow

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