Dance Floors DELUXE

Mat Features

  • Resistant to mold, moisture and water

  • Offers easy and fast connection system

  • Portable, light-weight and trouble free design

  • Completely waterproof

Mat Specifications

MaterialTop - Oak Parquet Wood Tile / Base - Polypropylene
ApplicationDance Floor
Total Height1/2"

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks


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Dance Floors Deluxe Tiles combine the elegance of real wood oak parquet floor and the sturdiness and durability of a polypropylene base. Each Dance Floors Deluxe tile has a two-layer-construction— real oak wood parquet as the top surface layer and polypropylene co-polymer as the base layer. The tiles are specially molded so that the top layer is securely held inside the base layer. The plastic tray underneath has channels that allow spilled liquids to drain out and is flexible enough to sit well on soft or uneven surfaces. The polymer lower base is mold-, moisture-, weather- and water-resistant. They are not affected by moisture, making them ideal for use in moisture-prone conditions such as in tents, at beachfront areas or in high humidity climates. These tiles offer excellent traction over carpeted and other surfaces.

Dance Floors Deluxe tiles have an easy and fast connection system and are light-weight and portable. Their elegant appearance makes them ideal for high profile indoor and outdoor events such as weddings, tent events, hotels, resorts, etc. Dance teams that are on the road will find these tiles offer portable flooring for practice sessions.

Features and Benefits

  • Set into a protective polypropylene base tray that surrounds the perimeter of the tile and acts as a shield. Thus, tiles are protected against damage or delaminating.
  • Tiles come pre-assembled for transport in 3ft x 3ft sections, but can be disintegrated if required in 1ft x 1ft increments (or made larger as required) for customized floor layouts.
  • Unique 7 loop snap-connection makes connectors snap together and detach sequentially, making them easy to install and remove.
  • Tiles are varnished with 4 coats of high-gloss urethane to protect against scuffs and scratches.
  • Dance Floors Deluxe tiles are very easy to clean and maintain with any standard urethane floor care product.
  • The tiles are available in 2 finishes: Chestnut and Desert.
  • Edging and corner pieces are available in black. Please see Edging for Dance Deluxe Floors.
  • Transport Cart (DK-TC) is available for easy installation, removal, transport and storage.

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