Cozy Products Ice Snow Melting Doormat

Mat Features

  • Melt away snow as it fall on your doorstep

  • Energy efficient design - uses 240 watts

  • Made from reinforced UV Stabilized Butyl Rubber

Mat Specifications

MaterialReinforced UV Stabilized Butyl Rubber
ConstructionHeating Mechanism Between Rubber
Face StyleOffset Segmented Ribbed
EdgingBevelled Extension of Face Fibre
Weight (lbs/sq ft)19.00
ApplicationSnow Melting
Sizes Available36" x 32"
Total Height1/2"
Total Weight17 lbs

Lead Time: 3-5 Days




The Cozy Products Snow Melting doormat is perfect for any residential entrance susceptible to accumulation of ice on the doorstep. These doormats electrically heat up to melt away the snow, and effectively prevent the slip fall incidents right on the doorstep. Right outside the doorstep is one of the most common places for domestic slip and fall incidents. Use this ice and snow melting doormat to keep your entrance warm and inviting throughout the winter time.

Features and Benefits

  • The mats are water-resistant and shock proof
  • Uses a low voltage and energy efficient design - 240 watts
  • Each mat weighs 17 Lbs.
  • The snow melting mats are 36" x 32" in size.
  • Made from reinforced UV Stabilized Butyl Rubber
  • The mat comes with a 15' cord and can be plugged into a standard 110V outlet
  • The Snow melting mats are available in a Black colour