Anti Fatigue Mats

Prolonged standing, hard flooring and inappropriate footwear are common working conditions that cause discomfort, pain and fatigue, and set up the worker for injuries that affect muscles and joints. A worker, who is tired, fatigued and in pain will be less attentive or act carelessly and be the cause of harm to themselves and others around them. 

One way to reduce the discomfort, pain, fatigue and potential injury that workers face is to integrate anti-fatigue mats into workstations or in high-use areas. Anti-fatigue mats, make a more comfortable worker, which makes a more productive worker with fewer injuries and increased productivity! These are essential for where workers stand to alleviate leg, foot, and lower back fatigue and pain

Anti-Fatigue Mats that we carry include our Cushion Soft Anti-Fatigue Mats and Diamond Shield Anti-Fatigue Mats. At Online Mat Store anti-fatigue mats are available in different styles and thicknesses to meet your needs and stay within budget.