Commercial Mats

Commercial floor mats are an important part of your building maintenance program. The intention with the range of commercial mats at Online Mat Store is to offer you functionality combined with aesthetic appeal. Our online store carries mats ideal for both indoor and outdoor use - to ensure your facility remains clean and professional. Our mats will scrape away dirt, wipe away moisture, and some even melt snow to ensure unwanted substances do not find their way inside.

Attack dirt, mud, snow, and salt before it gets into your business with outdoor entryway mats such as Dura Nop Entrance Mats, SuperScrape Entrance Mats, Wayfarer Matting and more. For any errant dirt, mud or moisture that escaped the outdoor mats, use indoor entryway such as Arrow Trax Matting, Barrier Rib Matting, Estes Matting, Poly-Pin Carpet Mats. If you are looking for a custom fit matting for recessed wells at the entrance, we have you covered with Custom Cut Coco Mats, Boardwalk Modular Pathway tiles, CM Viper 9100 Drainage and Runner Matting, Gateway Recessed Well Matting to just name a few.

In many work environments, standing for long periods of time is a sad reality. Whatever the industry, standing on your feet for prolonged periods of time is exhausting and excruciating. One way to reduce the fatigue and pain is to integrate anti-fatigue mats such as Cushion Soft Anti-fatigue Mats and Diamond Shield Anti-fatigue Mats into workstations or in high-use areas.