Coin Pattern Garage Flooring Mats

Mat Features

  • Easy, roll out installation and cuts easily for a custom fit to any space

  • Protects concrete floors & hides cracks, stains and other imperfections

  • Offers anti-fatigue benefits with insulation and noise-reduction

Mat Specifications

Weight (lbs/sq ft)10.00
Sizes Available7.5' x 17', 8' x 22' and 10' x 24'
Surface AspectCoin Texture
Electrostatic PropensityAnti-Static
Sound InsulationYes

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks


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The Coin Pattern Garage Flooring Mats is your unique answer if you are looking to upgrade your garage, utility room or workshop and more. The Coin texture is a durable, attractive flooring solution and can be used as a parking pad, or installed wall-to-wall for long-lasting protection for your entire floor. If you are looking for affordable, durable, modern-looking and yet, easily maintained garage flooring solution, then the Coin Patterned Garage Floor Mats is the solution for you.

Features & Benefits

  • Made of 100% vinyl, the Coin Pattern Garage Floor matting offers superior protection
  • Coin Patterned Garage Flooring provides a beautiful update to any utility room in your home.
  • Protect your floors from commonly found debris and liquid with this stain, mold- and mildew-resistant vinyl flooring and keep your room looking new for years
  • The attractive raised circle pattern combines function and style, while the 100% vinyl mat offers exceptional durability. The low-profile raised coin circles are 1.25" in diameter with a 0.030" relief, spaced 0.25" apart.
  • The specially formulated, high-quality polyvinyl is resistant to debris and liquids commonly found in homes.
  • These garage floor mats prevent concrete floors from deterioration, cracks and stains.
  • Very durable, the Coin Pattern Garage Flooring prevents skidding as they have a slip-resistant surface.
  • Coin Pattern Garage Flooring Mats offers cushioned comfort and hence acts efficiently as anti-fatigue mats.
  • Coin Pattern Garage Flooring Mats are easy to install and require no adhesives. These are extra-wide one-piece construction, just sweep the floor and unroll the garage floor mat to get the beautiful garage that you dreamed of.
  • With an easy roll out installation, these Garage Flooring Mats can be easily cut for any customized application.
  • Coin Pattern Garage Flooring Mats provides non-conductive insulation, are anti-static and acts as a good barrier to noise.
  • Sizes: 5' x 10', 7.5' x 17', 8.5' x 22', 10' x 24'  available in two thicknesses - 0.060" (Midnight Black and Slate Grey only) and 0.075" (Midnight Black, Sandston & Slate Grey)