Bubble Mats

Mat Features

  • Air cushioned for all day comfort

  • Excellent flexibility and durability

  • Offers maximum air circulation with enhanced ergonomic properties

  • Does not have bad smells or other hazardous effects

Mat Specifications

MaterialRecycled Rubber
Face StyleDomed Top
Weight (lbs/sq ft)9.00
ApplicationCommercial - Medium to Heavy
Sizes AvailableStock Sizes
Total Height5/8"
Total Weight9 lbs (2' x 3') and 18 lbs (3' x 4')
SKU: 417

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks


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Bubble Mats - the ultimate anti-fatigue mat, with dozens of air pockets, gives you all-day comfort. Give your employees the best working environment they can get with comfortable underfoot cushioning; which is sure to relieve foot fatigue and tiredness. Bubble Mats will be your partner in making your employees happy, safer and more comfortable at work. Automatically improve the morale at work and decrease absenteeism due to fatigue.

Features and Benefits

  • An air cushioned anti-fatigue mat, the Bubble Mat encourages worker comfort and has greater product durability
  • With its resilient rubber construction, the Bubble Mats does not compress over time.
  • The bubbles on the top of the mat and an offset bottom allow for maximum air circulation with enhanced ergonomic properties
  • Integrated bevelled safety edges on all sides eliminate potential tripping hazards.
  • The natural rubber used in producing the Bubble Mats provide excellent flexibility and durability
  • Does not give out any bad smells or have any hazardous effects
  • Bubble Mats allow fluid and small debris to pass through while keeping the matting surface dry and clean
  • Offers resistance to brake oil but is poorly resistant to most other petroleum oils
  • Bubble Mats can be used in medium to heavy industrial set up. Can also be used at skating rinks, school gyms and fitness centres
  • Available in Black color or Black/Yellow color. The yellow safety border increases visibility and thus reduces tripping hazards.

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