Black Double Border with Full Name

Mat Features

  • Premium Personalized Doormats are made from thick eco-friendly coir fibres.

  • These premium doormats are made sustainably from Coconut Husk

  • Prevents dirt and debris from tracking indoors and at the same time adds beauty, elegance and ownership to your doorstep

Mat Specifications

MaterialCoconut Husk Fibre
Weight (lbs/sq ft)12.00
Sizes Available18" x 30", 22" x 36", 38"x 60"
Total Height1.5"
Total Weight8 lbs (18" x 30"), 12 lbs (22" x 36"), 30 lbs (38" x 60")

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks

Custom Style
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Are you absolutely sure you are doing everything you can to enhance the elegance of your doorway? If not, it is time you checked out our range of personalized doormats in a variety of colors and border designs....

Now, this particular doormat is a premium doormat made of eco-friendly coir fibers, with black double borders and your name in the center also in black. Wouldn't you agree that this personalized doormat has been absolutely designed to enhance and personalize your doorway - letting you put a stamp of ownership for everyone to see! And this stamp will not only be seen but also coveted! Unfortunately, no one can really steal this from you.. coz you know.. it has your name on it! Duh! to all those coveters! Now moving on to some of the features of these doormats (pushing you that much closer to buying it!)

Features and Benefits

  • Made of tough coconut fibres, the coco mats help whisk away all the dust and debris from the bottom of your shoes, keeping the inside of your house clean and free from excessive dirt and damage.
  • These mats are great at making your home truly your own, and also work as excellent gifts because of their customizable traits, which allow you to feature personal names or messages right on the mat.
  • Due the nature of coir, these coir mats are designed to last for a long time and can weather the elements.
  • These coir mats are manufactured in a sustainable manner, where the coir fibers are extracted from coconut husks and hand woven into classic shapes. And, these coconuts can be consumed after the extraction of the coir fibers.
  • These mats are stencil printed with a special biodegradable dye, which makes this coir mat environmentally friendly and fade resistant.
  • Coir doormats are stain, rot and mildew resistant giving you a hygienic product that will be longer lasting.
  • These Coco mats are long lasting and very easy to maintain, only requiring a simple dusting or vacuuming at most times.
  • Border Color: Black; Thickness: 1.5"; Sizes: 18" x 30", 22" x 36" and 38" x 60".
  • Personalization character limits are: 13 characters on 18" x 30", 16 characters on 22" x 36" & 38" x 60"
  • Lead Time for production is 1 - 2 weeks