Anti-Fatigue Designer Wellness Mats

Mat Features

  • Specifically designed to improve health, promote circulation, improve posture and reduce stress and fatigue.

  • Will not laminate, curl up or lose form

  • 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly

  • Non-slip top and bottom surfaces certified by the National Floor Safety Institute

Mat Specifications

Edging20 degree Beveled Edging
Sizes Available3' x 2' , 6' x 2'
Total Height3/4"
Total Weight30 lbs

Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks


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Let’s be honest – we spend a lot of time on our feet! One of those times is while cooking. Spending all that time at the stove on hard surfaces can put a lot of stress on your body (feet, ankles, knees, hips and back), leading to weariness and fatigue, aches, and pains.

Also, when you are stand for a long time, your heart works extra hard to get blood circulating to the lower extremities. Add to this the weight and pressure you put on your joints - you put a lot of stress to your body, resulting in aches and pains. Not all that pleasurable when you are looking to cook a lovely meal for the family!

Let cooking and kitchen time be a stress and pain free experience that will allow you to translate into some over the top fancy meals! The Designer Anti-Fatigue Wellness Mats is here to provide you the best anti-fatigue floor mat that will alleviate aches, pains, and increase energy and productivity. These Wellness Mats gives you constant, cushioned support under your feet. The soft, smooth surface and buoyant core encourage subtle movements and re-alignments. This subtle movement reduces muscle and joint fatigue as well as stress on the lower extremities.

Don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself.

Features and Benefits

    • Made from proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology (APT), the Designer Wellness mats are ‘one piece construction.’ Unlike other mats made from several different materials fused or sewn together, these mats will never delaminate, edges will never curl, nor will they puncture or slide.
    • The APT feature gives you an unprecedented 7-year performance warranty on all Wellness Mats.
    • The designer wellness mats will remain buoyant and supportive giving you years of function, comfort and well-being.
    • Anti-fatigue Designer Wellness Mats are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. At the end of its life - which will be more than 7 years - they can be converted and recycled into viable and useful products.
    • With a non-skid bottom and a slip-resistant top surface, you get increased safety and you no longer have to worry about slips and falls.
    • With a 20-degree ADA-compliant beveled edge, the kitchen mats will never roll up preventing any tripping.
    • Made of 3/4" thick, 100% naturally antimicrobial polyurethane, these Wellness Mats are safe and non-toxic, free from PVC and BPA and does not emit noxious gases. With all these features, it ensures that the mat coating does not wear off.
    • Designer Wellness Mats will not stain or damage floors even when laid on hardwood and marble flooring
    • Wellness Mats are puncture resistant and can withstand heat up to 400F
    • Easy to clean with common household cleaners as they are stain and dirt resistant.
    • Designer Wellness Mats come in five colors, five patterns and two sizes to compliment any setting or home decor.
    • Sizes: 3’ x 2’, 6’ x 2’
    • Patterns: Bella, Trellis, Entwine, Moire, Linen
    • Note: Linen Pattern is not available in the 6' x 2' size
Anti-Fatigue Designer Wellness Mats Colors